Sunday, June 10, 2012

1 year!!!

 Sweet snuggly guy. He was only a few days old here...

Oh my goodness. This past year has FLOWN by. I very distinctly remember where I was a year ago. I had a busted ladyland and big whopping almost 9 pound baby boy.

I can't believe it's been a whole YEAR {or that I'm about to do it all over again, c'est lavie}. Oh, magoodness, I just LOVE this boy.

We pretty much freaked out when we found out we {and by we, I mean me} were pregnant with Callen. What a waste of energy.

Dairy allergy aside, he has been such a great, easy going baby. Now, he's pretty much a toddler. He walks and boy, does he talk {and of course, we commentate in speculation of what exactly he might be saying... it's more fun that way}. He climbs in true boy like fashion... and he is a HAM. I don't mean a fatty... though he's a good sized little brute, he is hilarious.

I mean seriously, this guys got jokes! He loves to be gotten. When I come at him and say I'm gonna get him, he laughs and smiles and runs AT ME. He reminds me a lot of Bailey as a baby, and that might be why they have a special bond. I kid you not, since he came out, they have just had this special relationship. When he was/is fussy, she'll sing to him and he shuts right up {most of the time}, he loves to cuddle everyone, but he cuddles Bailey a lot longer than Trevor. I can't even explain it, it's just neat. The kind of neat that makes you appreciate all the rough motherly times, when you see your kids loving each other- pure, and utter, deep founded JOY.

He's a smart one too. I assure you, if he was dumb as a rock, I'd probably call him out on it. That's kind of how I roll. I am all about honesty {for the most part}. He amazes me sometimes, with the things he does. He is such a special kid, and adds such a great dynamic to our family. I feel like such a dunce for freaking out so much about ANOTHER baby. Heavenly Father sure does have a sense of humor...but I showed him... I only freaked out for about a week this time.

Anyway, here are some pictures from his party. Thanks so much for all those who came and celebrated with us!!

Sorry in advance for the crappy pictures... my camera has been fritzy, I really need to learn how to use it properly.

Big top circus tent ceiling

 He woke up and immediately found the balloons, he had so much fun.

 We added some balloons to make that chandelier a little more festive... and so people would see it and not bump there heads, like Jeffrey did.

 The kids found the punch balls, and kazoos and this poor table had no hope. 

 My sweet niece Mackenzie, sorry... she is so freaking cute, I had to add one of her and her little festive outfit!

 Kisses for daddy, he loves his daddy... A LOT, A LOT. 

 His smash cake was disappointing. 1- because it was hiddeous, the vegan butter kind of liquifies when it gets room temperature... it makes for ugly icing... tastes fine... just ugly. 
 It turns out, he could have cared less about the cake. Which was a shocker, he eats almost anything I give him, who knew!
 His cousin Kaitlyn was helping him figure it out. 

 He knew just what to do with his presents... one of the shocking moments for me... because well, he didn't learn it from me... 


  1. I have been looking forward to these circus pics. The part was adorable! I think the circus tent cupcake holder was my favorite. It makes me want to throw a party.

  2. It was a nice party & great party theme. I was looking forward to seeing him get into that cake, too! Did you get any good pics of Lyla with Callen? If you did I'd love to see them...I wish I took some pics of them sitting on the floor together.