Wednesday, June 27, 2012


At therapy yesterday, I was taking Trevor's pacifier so he could go eat his chicken with Ms. Jill {which he did, all of it!}, and I saw that there were two huge holes at the base {compliments of teething Callen}. I mean, this thing was literally hanging on by one side of silicone... and I don't need any choking hazards. So, I had him go put it in the trash. Yeah. He didn't understand that it wasn't coming back, and last night was ROUGH, to say the least when reality set in. Especially, since Callen's paci had disappeared {probably left in the waiting room}. Trevor wouldn't eat dinner and screamed and cried through that and bath time. It was so sad. He literally couldn't calm himself down and was making himself sick. Finally, he asked for me. So I go grab him and we sit in the rocking chair and I sing him every primary song I could think of, off of the top of my head. He eventually calmed down... I wasn't sure if he was asleep or not, because he kept huffing. You know, the kind of inhale you involuntarily take after you've been sobbing for a while. So I laid him down in his bed, and sure enough, that sweet boy was passed out cold, but still heaving in his sleep. I fully expected it to be a long and rough night for both of us.

He slept ALL night long, until about 7:00am, which for him, is sleeping in. Many prayers went up in his favor last night. They were definitely answered. This morning he came and got into bed with me and was whining for his paci and I told him that the paci was gone and couldn't come back. I told him what a big boy he was, and that he didn't even need that paci last night.  Then, I told him that daddy had fixed netflix and he could watch Diego... so he went and sat on the couch and waited. He hasn't mentioned his paci again, yet. That in and of itself, is not normal. He usually whines and cries for hours when he is without it, unless he is distracted.

So here goes de-pacification. Hopefully, it continues to go this smoothly!

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