Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family Circus Defined

I'm on the phone with Apple, finding out how much my computer repairs are going to be {free, aside from the battery, woo hoo!}

It's quiet. In this house, that is NEVER a good thing {if the kids are awake}.

So I start perusing the house to find each of them.

Bailey- is in her room building towers and huge freakin' robots with blocks. She is really good at that, and really loves it.

Trevor- this is the one I worry about. He's not playing blocks with Bailey like I had thought. He's in the kitchen, with scissors. He has opened a brand new bag of chocolate chips {which will make him sick} and he is shoveling them in his little mouth.

Callen- somehow managed to get my soda cup and is carrying it around the house. When he realizes that I see him, he turns and waddles away as fast has he can in a frenzy of excitement. I take the cup, obviously.

...and now that I realize it. That cup was empty. I don't remember finishing my Dr. Pepper. Which means... it was Trevor; he must have finished it and threw it on the ground for Callen to get.

I go back into the kitchen, Trevor has ANOTHER pair of scissors, and is cutting up the paper towels. He seriously LOVES to cut. I'm just really grateful he has the fine motor skills not to cut his hand. He gets a hold of scissors SO much. I think he goes around searching the house for them, because I hide them. {This time excepted, I hadn't had the chance to put them away yet.}

Seriously, THIS is family circus, defined.

The poor apple guy was probably wishing he had soundproof headphones on. I know I was.

I guess it gives us something to laugh about... eventually.

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