Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Oooooh Man! I'm pretty excited about this! So, funny story.
I'm sitting in bed on a Friday night {a few weeks back} trying to wrack my non-existent brains for ideas for something I'm working on, and I'm just lacking inspiration completely.

I say a little prayer for inspiration so that I can complete this project... it still hasn't come yet.


Then I got a GREAT idea, that clearly, could not have come from me... not right now anyway. I'm exhausted and pregnant, and lacking most brain power.

My mind wandered.... and wandered... {yes, it does that A LOT} and I started groaning to myself inside about how tomorrow is Saturday and there is SO much to get done... and none of it can really get done until the kids are napping... which means, we have to entertain them until that time...


It's that simple.

Let me say it again. BINGO!

I made bingo games for Bailey and Trevor. Since they can't read yet, I put pictures of things they can do and then they can bring me their card and I can either hole punch it or put a sticker on it , cross it off, whatever we want, when it's complete. They had to fill up a row and then they could pick a Netflix show.

I get so sick of them just watching TV all the time. I try to limit it to 2 hours a day total. I must admit though, I've been really dependent on it lately, because I'm just so exhausted all the time... you know, typical, I'm-about-to-pop-a-baby-out, exhaustion. Anyway, we actually had a productive Saturday instead of letting it waste away in front of the TV.

I just made a table in my word processor, adjusted the size of the cells, added pictures I found online, and a text box with the text. Super easy.

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  1. So smart! I know how you feel. Next Monday we are having an FHE based around chores and activities the kids can do while I'm feeding new baby. I thought it was going to be hard on my 2 year old, but I can already tell its going to be my 4 year old with the adjustment. Thanks for the idea! Good luck! Two more weeks! Maybe we'll have our babies on the same day!