Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's a Hokey Hump Day!

Aside from ALL of the kids waking up at least once, and Trev staying up for a few hours... They at least slept in until 7am. Yes, I said SLEPT IN... until 7 am.

So far, the shenanigan's are plentiful.

1. I walk away for a split second and hear the door open. {Big shocker, it's Trev's favorite new past time}. I go outside to find he and Callen {almost}, in the sprinkler.

2. While I'm taking off Trev's wet clothes in the bathroom, I come out and Callen is at the dining room table, helping himself to the "krice krispies" that Trevor didn't finish... So I put him in his chair and let him have at it... why waste it, right... yeah, when I go to get him out... he's covered. SO, I put him in the bath tub. Then Trev wanted in... sure, why not.

3. Both boys laugh and run butt smack neckid {yes, neckid, not naked}, through the house before I can get diapers on them. But, that's nothing new... cutest neckid hiney's ever.

So now we are current.... stay tuned for the rest of the festivities... I'm sure they'll be abounding! Good thing I'm too exhausted to waste my time yelling at them.

4. We are on the way to my midwives appointment, and his new favorite thing is unbuckling his car seat. No, not the 5 belt harness... he just pulls his arms through that part... I mean, the seatbelt that holds his car seat on the seat. You heard me. I have no idea how he reaches that thing while buckled in the harness. Luckily, we weren't even out of our neighborhood, yet.

5. We are at my midwives appointment {36 weeks now... SO, not close enough and yet waaayy too close}, and Trev runs out the door and hides before I can get up and get to him.... searched all over, and down at the peds office next door. Finally, they find him under the furtherest desk in the midwives office. Repeat story, a little later on, except he was in the blinds down in the sick waiting room, of the peds office. THEN, as we are getting ready to leave, he runs through the birthing rooms {not occupied, thank heaven's} and I caught him as he was closing the laundry room doors to hide.

6. On the way home, mid route, Trevor, yet again, unbuckles the seatbelt. So my big, hurting, fat pregnant arse, has to pull over, unbuckle, and climb to the back of the van, hunch over and re-buckle his devious self... AGAIN.


Happy Friggin' Wednesday people.

P.S. If anyone has ideas on HOW to discipline for the actions... I'll take what I can get. Spankings don't phase him, neither does time out... at all. He also doesn't understand the dangerousness of his actions.

And to think, I have two more children to go through the Two's with. Shit.

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