Wednesday, August 8, 2012

IgG Test Results

I paid the small fortune for the boys to have this sensitivity panel done, it only covers 97 foods, but I figured that was probably adequate {and half the price}. I'm tired of guessing why they have upset stomachs. I got the results back today. The were bittersweet.

Let me explain. There are 4 classes 0,1,2,3.

1's are mild things you should moderate and watch.
2's are moderate things you shouldn't have all the time but are usually okay on occasion {depending on the reaction you have to them}.
3's are a severe sensitivity {not yet an allergy though} and you should just avoid them altogether for a while and see if you're body builds up a tolerance.

Callen's results shocked me.

He had a heaping handful of 1's, and only one 2- Oats, no threes!!
So his soy and casein allergy, he has outgrown. Granted some things that bother his tummy came back as 0's... so we will watch those. Also, at his age, his allergies will change in the next year most likely. But for now, YAHOO!!!

Trevor, God bless that boy... I cried over his. He just recently finally started eating peanut butter, and at therapy started eating bread... he also recently decided to start eating apples, grapes, and fish sticks. He's been doing awesome!

His results... once again, I cried.

He had a heaping handful of 1's {including apples and honey... two staples}
2's included: Cashew, Garlic, Cow's Milk, Tomato, Wheat, Brewer's yeast
3's included: Oats, Peanuts, Soybean, Baker's yeast

The good news is, Casein was negative and he can eat cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese.. the rest of the dairy is fine, just not the milk.

The bad news is the yeast, wheat, oats, soybean, and peanuts.... all staples in his diet.
Even the breading of chicken nuggets contain dry yeast and wheat... and pretty much everything has some form of soybean... soy lecithin or soybean oil.

LOADS of fun. I guess I'm just going to have to take extra time and make things homemade... so that they can have the things they like without the things that make them sick.

Bailey will have the test done eventually, I'm just too chicken to get more bad news, and it's a small fortune. We started reintroducing gluten and casein, but she has had some upset stomachs, and even thrown up lately... so I just don't know.

So YAY for new challenges, as if there aren't enough of those already.  YAY for more people thinking I'm crazy and that it's not a big deal for my kids to avoid the foods that make them sick.

But for real, YAY for blogs by people who have been through and are currently going through worse. At least these are sensitivities... even if they make us miserable at times... they aren't deathly allergic and for that, I'm most definitely grateful. There is something to be said for pioneers, regardless of what they are the pioneer of!


  1. Good luck! You can handle it, those children are yours for a reason, plus they're super cute!

  2. Oh my! Food allergies suck! I'm sorry for all of this- mostly because your children suffer so- but how amazing is it that you can figure this stuff out, huh? Im sure it makes your job as Mama all the more difficult (no chicken nuggets?!) but at the same time, no one else could do it as good as you. Your children need YOU and you need them!

    Bless you!