Thursday, August 16, 2012



Oh my goodness. I've been waiting and dreaming of this day for SO long... and I totally cried in the car. It's really hard to just drop your baby off and trust that it's going to go well! I felt like I needed to hand her a book on my kid and everything she does and doesn't do and need. In Pre-K she had an awesome teacher that put up with me getting a daily rundown. There isn't time for that when you drop them off or pick them up here. Too many kids are around. I guess that's what parent teacher conferences are for. Bailey was nervous and scared.  She is the most social person on the planet and is rarely intimidated. I gave her a pep talk and she started doing her sticker activity after she put her backpack in her cubby. She did fine and had a good day. They toured the school, read a couple of books, played on the playground, had snack, had a quick rest time... the usual.

She HAD to have this backpack she saw on Zulily. She was SOOOO excited when it came!

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  1. How's it going this week? Us she doing better? Miss uou guys.