Saturday, September 22, 2012

Allergy Free, Gah!

Well, the time has come... for our household to go allergy free. Gah! The thought is so overwhelming it makes me a little nauseous, literally. Not to mention, the thought of not eating some of my favorite things makes me devastatingly sad. I -LOVE- FOOD! For the textures and tastes. I'm also, a picky eater... and while I don't usually let other people know it, I'm kind of a snob about food and how it tastes. So the thought of completely eliminating Gluten- which gives breads and baked goods it's elasticity and softness, makes me a little sad, it's the DAIRY. Oh, my. That might kill me.

Let me explain a little as to my reasons why I am going to attempt what my be my suicide.

MY FAMILY'S HEALTH. This past week of what I thought was a stomach bug {but after speaking with the nurse at the peds office, we don't think it was a bug...} has been AWFUL. My kids have been miserable. Also, {he's going to be pissed I'm telling you this} Jeffrey has IBS sometimes, and really frequently has migraines and headaches. I'm pretty confident, if he were tested, he would have some food sensitivities. He HATES going to the doctor for anything... so if we can become healthier by simply increasing our grocery bill, and decreasing our doctors bills... I'm all in. Our bodies are temples, right? So why poison them slowly and live miserably.

Bailey- we've been a little lax about letting her have gluten and dairy here and there for the past few months. In the past month or so, she has had much more diarrhea, and has thrown up about 5 or 6 times... random waking in the night and puking. Then she feels fine. The dark circles under her eyes have gotten puffy and much worse. She complains about her stomach hurting A LOT more now.

Trevor- pretty much ALWAYS has a stomach ache. He has diarrhea on a regular basis. He was doing a little better with the constant whining. But the past month, it has gone back to what it was before. I don't mean normal 2 year old whining. I mean full on hysterics on an ALL day basis, and a lack of ability to self calm. I'm pretty sure he is malnourished, because he is such a picky eater that he eats like a bird and gets very little fruits and veggies {or meats or beans, or grains...} and I can only sneak so much into a smoothie. His gut is just so messed up, and he is miserable most of the time.

His sensitivities include: Tomatoes, Wheat, Oats, Peanuts, Garlic, Yeast, Soy
It's dang near impossible to feed him, between these and his texture aversions {which he is in feeding therapy for and are improving}.

Callen- is a living garbage disposal, for the most part. His allergy test came back pretty much negative for everything except Oats. So we got excited and started letting him have dairy and gluten, and peanut butter... etc. Well, he has been miserable for the past 2 weeks. Part of that was teething. However, that tooth popped through and he is still not feeling great, or eating great. He threw up this week too. He has been having random bouts of screaming and crying {which is completely abnormal for him}, he broke out in hives three nights ago {but hasn't left the house in a week or tried any new foods}.

Adeline- I'm scared to find out what kind of food issues she might have.

So, in fine, sensitivities tend to take time to manifest, because you have to have enough in your system to cause the reaction. Allergies, tend to have a more instant reaction. My hypothesis- is they are all having reactions to foods they are eating.

While I won't be cutting out ALL of these allergens for everyone... because Trev's limit food choices so much. We will be eliminating Gluten, Dairy, and Soy. Those are the big ones.

This means MUCH more time making things from scratch {to avoid the BHT and other preservatives in processed GF foods}, and because it's MUCH cheaper... I have a mill and can make my own flour.

It means {GASP} experimenting in the kitchen to get recipes to where I want them... I HATE experimenting... I think it's because:

1- if something doesn't taste very good, I can't just make myself eat it... I'll gag.

2- I HAAAATE wasting ingredients and food if it doesn't turn out very good. Then I feel like a jerk, because there are people down the street somewhere literally starving.

It also means, the holidays are going to be much more difficult, since we travel all over town and there are never any foods the kids can eat. So I will pretty much be packing a bag of food for each meal we have to go to... GAH! Not just for holidays, lunches, outings.... I'm exhausted just thinking about it... but I don't feel like I have much of a choice.

It also means, we're going to have to be more ballsy with people instead of giving in for their convenience. We're going to have to stand our ground and hopefully people will have the decency to respect our wishes for our kids health and diets. I mean, if I'm packing all the food they should need, there is no reason not to stick to it, right... since I've done all the hard work for them.

So to all of you who are having to go allergy free as well, here are some blogs and sites that I've found helpful. And PLEASE, if you have found some that you like... share them below in the comments with me. Please don't post them on my facebook page- I will never find them again. If they are in the comments I will be able to keep track of them!

I only know some, and would LOVE any help or resources available.

Adventures of A Gluten Free Mom

Chocolate Covered Katie

The Baking Beauties

Living Without

Thanks so much for reading this heinously long post/rant. Wish us luck! I'll probably post recipes here, when they are good enough to share!

That said, I adapted a banana chocolate chip muffin from a Bob's red mill recipe and it was pretty dang tasty.

This is the original Bob's Red Mill Recipe. You can use it to adapt your own recipes if you want. I made some blueberry muffins from it. Though I doubled the blueberries and left out the pecans. It serves as a good dry base.

Here is my adaptation for the Banana Choc. Chip muffins:


1 egg
1/2 C. vanilla almond milk {or coconut milk would be yum}
2 Tbsp. {heaping} Brown Sugar
3 Tbsp. natural applesauce
2 Tbsp. Flax Meal
1 C. Rice flour
1/2 tsp. sea salt {fine}
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 C. mini choc. chips {I use Enjoy Life brand- for allergy free}
2 tsp. baking powder
splash of vanilla
2 smooshed bananas

Preheat oven to 425. Grease muffin pan {makes 6 full size or 24 minis}.
Mix everything together and spoon in by TBSP. for minis. Bake for 17-20 min. {about 10 for minis}.

Try not to eat them all before your kids wake up from their nap! It took will power! See: 

My intention was to freeze some, to eat later... that didn't happen. 


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  2. My neighbor has been making this transition to allergy Free diet. I'm going to share your blog with her. :)

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