Sunday, September 30, 2012

GF Baking Helps

So, I'm about to make {or attempt to} make a decent loaf of bread for the kids. I really want to get Trev to eat it again, but with his yeast sensitivity {and oats} it presents a small {but feels SO large} challenge.

Here are some Gluten Free baking tips I've found:

First, you can substitute equal parts baking soda and lemon juice instead of yeast.

Also, I found that you can similarly use powdered Vitamin C {ascorbic acid} and baking powder. 

Here is just some dang good information to know when attempting to bake gluten free.

GF baking tips... you must read this.

This is a good one too. Talks about the use of gums.

Hope this helps lighten the load a little. I'm just going to use what I have on hand today, but I will probably experiment with some different things in the future. I'll let you know the results.

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