Thursday, September 13, 2012

 Hello, World!! I'm almost 3 weeks old!
This little lady is GREAT... aside from her massive appetite. She gets that honest. When I'm not starving myself, I eat like a hog. I guess I figure... if I'm going to be hungry all the time, I might as well be skinny too! Except, I've been trying to change my ways, because it's just not healthy, and I'm a BEAST when I don't have food, and my family shouldn't have to put up with that. 

However, I digress.  
 I LOVE baby feet. Seriously. I do. I HATE adult feet. Wouldn't touch 'em with a ten foot pole. I guess because baby feet are so clean and tiny and sweet and adorable. I love this shot. EVEN THOUGH, I cut her heels off and it's centered slightly lower than what I was aiming for... I was holding her so I had my arm stretched out and was pretty much shooting blindly and hoping it would actually be focused AND centered properly. Big demands, I know.
 These two are alright too, I guess... just not what I had in mind. 

 I also love tiny little baby hineys. She has the tiniest hiney I've ever seen. I didn't think you could get any smaller than Trevor's hiney. It was basically a continuation of thighs with a butt crack. Addie, however, has THE tiniest hiney, ever. It's so dang cute. The diaper makes her butt look big, and it was full at the time. Remember how she is a bottomless pit? Yeah, so she pees a lot too.   

 Sweet baby girl. She is so good. Except this afternoon she was apparently starving and not wanting to take a nap.... bad when you're trying to set up some pictures. Callen wouldn't leave her alone... and every time she'd get asleep, the other kids would bang something or scream or cry and wake her up... it was glorious... I'm lying. It was not glorious at all.

She actually does not completely hate belly time. That's great news!
We are adjusting pretty well to having four kids. It's really not so bad. Granted... she is a pretty easy baby, soooo that helps. Our spending has gone down because I avoid shopping at all costs. But, today... we had to go to Walmart. I had put it off too long, aaand she screamed in the Baby Bjorn... the whole way through the store. I got SO many looks... half of pity and half of disdain that I was letting her cry... WHAT THE FREAK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? I didn't have much of a choice. People like that make my blood boil... I used to be that person, B-T-W. Man, have I eaten many entire humble pies over the last 5 years.

Anyways, my eyes are randomly closing involuntarily. So I bid you adieu.


  1. She's so beautiful Kylee - congrats again!

  2. She's adorable! Love you and miss you and your sweet little family :)

  3. Dont you wish Walmart delivered? Seriously. Too bad we perceive people as "judgy" They should just help. You're brave for going there so soon!

    Cute feet pics. Gorgeous baby girl. You make cute kids!