Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Punkin' is 2 months!

I would love to have stats for you. I forgot about her appointment on Friday and made other plans; so, I had to cancel it. It will be a couple of weeks before we go back. She is definitely growing like a weed though! She FINALLY, has gotten to where she will sit alone in the bouncer or swing for 10-15 minutes and doesn't cry because she isn't being held at all times. She has pretty much slept through the night from the get go. THAT is pure mercy and awesomeness. She is SO smiley and sweet and happy. She doesn't like sitting in a wet or poopy diaper. So she pretty much cries when she is hungry, soiled, or tired. She farts like a man, so there is the occasional gas cry, as well. She's pure sugar... sweet as can be, and MELLOW. So far anyway. I am PRETTY dang excited about the prospects for a mellow child. She does have a temper. She still won't take a pacifier and isn't a fan of the bottle. She will take the bottle if she's super desperate and it has breast milk in it. Formula, however... she gets downright offended, insulted, and just pissed. Honestly, though... it's Alimentum. That junk is pretty gross. 

I couldn't decide between the first and last picture... you tell me... which one is the keeper, and don't say both... not an option... I'm running out of room to store pictures... I've got to start narrowing it down.

Picture 1 or 3 people?


  1. i like 3, but what do you mean running out of room to store them??? on your computer??? just get an external hard drive... i don't put any photos on my computer. i have them all on external hard drives (i have 1 per year (well, 2 actually. 1 main one and 1 back-up)). i'm kinda paranoid about loosing photos if my computer croaked.