Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We have been having a serious overdose of the terrible two's lately. I am at a loss for how to even handle this boy {Trevor}. Spanking doesn't work... and we've been doing that a lot lately. Generally I reserve spanking for things that are dangerous. The poor kid hates getting them, but once it's over and he's back to mischief, he forgets until he hears the words. By mischief I mean things like, ooooh, ya know:

Unbuckling his car seat... and I don't mean the harness, I mean the actual seatbelt that holds his car seat in. Thank you Nissan for only putting ONE latch system in the back of the car... idiots. Trevor thinks it's hilarious and fun for him to flop his car seat all around and manipulate it while we are en route. Which means, I have to stop the car, unbuckle him, pull his pants down and give him three spankings. Then pull up his pants, buckle him back, re-buckle the seatbelt and start driving again... just to do it all over a little while later.

Running down the road... he also thinks it's fun to unlock the dead bolt and go out the front door. Usually he just goes out front and turns on the water hose and plays in it. He's graduated to running down the road, laughing all the while. My mom was watching the kids for a couple of hours a week or so ago, and he did this. Bailey and mom were flipping out because they couldn't find him. Mom went out side, and low and behold, he was running down the street. But wait, there's more, two of the neighbor ladies saw him and were trying to catch him to get him out of the road. This, of course, freaked him out. So, he started running hysterically. Once mom got him, it took a while to calm him down. You would think that would have served as an adequate deterrent. NOPE. Homeslice ran away from me the other day. OF COURSE, he gets his but beat for pulling crap like that. Doesn't deter him, though.

Eating my brown sugar... yep. This boy skips out on the non existent cookie jar, and goes straight for the goods. He climbs up on the counter {sans chair or stool}, unscrews the lid and goes to town with both hands eating my brown sugar. Bailey did this too, I can't blame them, it's delish, though raw like that, makes me want to gag a bit.

Climbing up the garage door... you heard me, all the way to the top. Though, it's pretty easy to do, with the ledges and all... and he's done worse.

Violence... he thinks it's awesome, to pull handfuls of Bailey's hair out. Which I'm sure does hurt, but when she gets frustrated, she does that to her self. She has since she was younger than Trev. Still, it 's just mean. This morning, they were both laying on the floor and I heard her start crying and walked in the room and he was kicking the crap out of her face non-stop. Seriously, he was doing the back stroke, sans hands, on her face. MAN, was I PISSED. Talk about restraint.... it took some not to beat him. Instead I picked him up by his legs and carried him to his bed and plopped him on there and shut the door. He KNEW, he was on the verge of serious trouble. It's not just her. It's Callen and his friends, too. I mean part of it's just the testosterone and age. It's still unacceptable, regardless.

Drugs... for over a year he's been able to open child proof lids. Who designed those things anyway? They should be fired. In fact, I gave Bails some Tylenol earlier so her face wouldn't hurt so bad. Stupid me forgot to put it back up in the cabinet and I walked in the kitchen and there he was, guzzling. So, I'm freaking out. Thank goodness for the internet. These sites were helpful in determining how much is too much. Mayo Clinic and Yahoo Answers. It also helps to pay attention to where the crystallization on the bottle ends. That way you can determine how full the bottle actually was. There were 160mg in 5ml. The acceptable amount {91mg/lb of body weight}, is far above the amount that he took, thank goodness. He took about 5mls. I'm sure a tummy ache is in store... but thank goodness I knew that quiet is never good when Trev is around. I wish he'd just been in the sugar again...

The Ipad... he has figured out that if he takes all of the pillows off of our bed and piles them on the floor between Jeffrey's dresser and the bed, that, he can, in fact, stand on them, climb on the dresser, get the ipad, and get back on the bed.

Tattoos... He found a pen, got on my bed and drew all over his arms and legs. When I looked at him, he says, "What? I just drawing on my body like Uncle Chad...". My little brother just got a new tattoo and I guess Trevor saw it and well, that's pretty logical in the eyes of a two year old, so I didn't punish him. I just explained that we don't write on ourselves.

So yeah, I've been on my toes and frustrated beyond belief. These are just Trev's shenanigans. It doesn't even touch on all the tantrums, lack of focus, impulsivity and foul attitudes of Bailey, or the mimicking that Callen does when he sees Trev doing them {like hitting and pulling hair, or climbing to the back of the van instead of in his car seat, or fighting me when I try to buckle him in}.

Fun times, folks. FUN times.


  1. Katie would open the dead bolt and run outside as well. She would be three houses down and in the back yard. We changed the deadbolt to a keyed lock on both sides. You have to unlock the door to open it. We kept the key on the door jamb above the front door. It definatly helped.
    Katie also like to draw all over herself and she is my Poison Control kid. I fixed the unbuckeling problem by moving her into the front seat. She did not weigh enough to trigger the airbag and that way I could keep my eye on her all the time. Not the best solution by any means but the one I've come up with so far. As far a violence goes Katie is still a bruiser. She really revels in hitting her big sister. We send the kids to the garage for time-out when they behave really bad, but with Trevor climbing on the garage door you can't very well do that. I'm thinking though.

  2. Sounds like you've got some pretty dang smart kids on your hands! I wish there were easy answers!