Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mugs on Monday

I saw this posted on Pinterest a while back {and pinned it}. I thought I'd let the kids have a little fun. I needed SOMETHING to entertain them.

I have all white dishes and they have dwindled down to only 3 plates left, 6 or 7 saucers, 6 bowls, and a full set of mugs {until today}.

Since mugs aren't used that often, I decided to bust out the colored sharpies I got during back to school and let the kids have some fun. My table was a casualty... Bailey decided to execute a late Picasso-like piece of work on it. So much for selling it, like I'd planned. Anyhow, I baked it in the oven, just like it said to. My oven only goes down to 170 degrees, so that's what I baked it at for about 20-30 minutes. I didn't actually time it.

They came out, and the sharpie came off when my nail accidentally scratched it. I'm going to try again and see if it will permanently set. I put them back in later on at 350 for about half an hour and now it is set and doesn't scratch off. So easy!


  1. I saw a website that tested pinterest ideas. They said that this idea was deceiving. That it does work but only on dishes that do not have a finish already on them (glaze). The dish needs to be POROUS.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  2. I tried scratching it again a little harder after you said this and it does still scratch off. Oh well, at least they had fun playing and destroying my table. I wondered how it would work on an already finished surface... C'est lavie.