Sunday, February 19, 2012

Potty Training?

Friday, ‎5:40 a.m. : The baby is talking on the monitor, but I'm just going to let him until he cries. Then I hear trevor through the baby's room calling "daddy"  so I check... he went in, turned the light on... but he's not in there. So I get up to find out where he is.... in the bathroom. Then he says "poop". He's butt naked in the sink, mind you... and sure enough... a turd is hanging half on the side of the sink. REALLY, SON? He knows better. Happy Friday, Folks!

Then Bailey and Trevor proceed to FREAK OUT in hysterics for the next hour. They ate {or chose not to} and then went back to sleep, Bailey stayed home from school. She slept for an hour and a half and he slept for 2.5 hours. I knew they were tired. Though sitting at home on a wet day did indeed make me realize that I need to prepare myself for the summer when they are all home, all the time. 

Later on, it was quiet. I had to check on Trevor. He had squoze a half a tube of Balmex diaper cream out. It was all over my recovered rocking chair, ALL over him, and ALL over the floor. Awesome. I'm pretty sure we are going to lose our deposit on this rental because he keeps getting stuff on the stupid carpet. 

I HATE CARPET. It's a nasty, collective cesspool of germs and crap that you can never get out. It's also really hard to clean. It's just not the most practical thing with small kids. 

I was literally counting down hours and minutes until Jeffrey got home last night. There were a lot of small things in between, but MAN. We have our share of DRAMA. 

On another note

Saturday morning I was feeding Callen and came back in my room and Bailey was in the bed. So we were snuggling and she was rubbing my belly asking if she could call Adeline {in vitro baby... if it's a girl} "Adeline Flower".

 I said "You can call her that, but flower is not going to be part of her name." 


Me: "You know that this baby MAY be a boy. What do we call him then?" 

Her: "No, it's a girl mommy. It's Adeline." Gasp. "See I can feel her Giney!" {as she was rubbing my belly} 

{Giney is what we call our ladyland.} 

It started today out with a good laugh.  Seriously, how to come back from that? 

8 Months!

Callen was 8 Months old on the 8th. I apologize for the lack of posts, my computer was dead, and my charger stopped working after Callen put it in his mouth.

Anyway, This kid is really starting to show his colors. I love/hate this stage of development. It's really fun to watch their personalities shine through, it's also a pain in the rear when they realize they can be stubborn and play tricks on you and then laugh about it.

I'm pretty sure Callen is going to be the family trickster {not like a hooker turning tricks... like the class clown...}

He sure thinks he is hilarious. Particularly, when I'm feeding him, he likes to hit my hand and make baby food go everywhere and he thinks that's ridiculously comical. He looks at me with this smirk that says "now, what? huh?"

He is still a really happy, flirty, ACTIVE, smart baby. Though he looks like a little man. He's so big.

He loves peek-a-boo, splashing in the bathtub... like you would not believe, this too, he thinks is hilarious. Or crawling away from me mid diaper change, clothing, anything that confines him.

 {sorry I couldn't decide which one to post, so you get them all. The last one is my favorite, I wish I'd had the 8 mos up on the wall for it. I COULD photoshop it in... but I'm lazy.}

We love him so much. The kids adore him and love to play with him. I can't imagine our family without him. Or the hell he is going to give Bailey and Trevor in a few months when he's walking and running around. I'm particularly looking forward to that! Oh, joy... that will be some kind of crazy fun.

Getting Organized!

I have a confession. I am LOSING MY MIND! Seriously, though, I am. You think I'm kidding, but I just unleashed a partial mental breakdown on Jeffrey, God love him.

I'm a fairly organized person. Probably more than most, but definitely less that some. For a while now, I've been telling myself that I'm going to start planning my weeks on Sundays. You know, to do lists, menu planning, grocery planning, coupon prepping... the stuff that takes me hours if not planned ahead because I have to do it while the kids are running crazy and I'm up and down and up and down.

The stuff I USED to do, before I had Callen.

Today, I just decided I can't take it anymore. I don't have the time to waste, and I need to make it a habit before this baby gets here. Life is not getting any slower, easier or less chaotic.

So I was on Pinterest, OF COURSE, and found this site...
Design Finch

Which was great because she has a weekly chore chart that you can assign chores to specific days and that is exactly what I've been planning on doing, just to stick on the fridge.

I also found this site that breaks the process down {of making a family binder a command center} and even sells the pages on etsy if you want to buy them, but I'm too cheap for that... though, It would be much more time efficient... but I'm picky about HOW things are organized, the wrong sheets will overwhelm and over stimulate me visually. Anyhow, it is:
iHeart Organizing.

 I'm a planner by nature. I excel at it. It's because I'm a freak of nature and HATE last minute plans. So sue me. Before I had Bailey I had a freakishly specific schedule and things were under control... they stayed fairly regimented afterwards, but nothing like I was used to... it just got more lax with each child. While we do have a "schedule", sort of... it's not what it needs to be, and things are more of a ... i'll do that tomorrow.... for a week and then it doesn't get done.

I've also come to realize... over a long period of trial and errors {mostly errors} that you have to be flexible. Especially when your outnumbered, pregnant, and lazy. There are plenty of windows when I could get a little extra done, but I'm just too dang tired these days.

Getting organized was actually my new years resolution/goal. I can GET organized... it's staying that way that presents the problem. That and breaking it down. Once I start though, I'm good to go.

So here I go. All of you can keep me an honest woman. Happy Sunday! Go get organizer-er.