Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Camera Strap!

Woo Hoo! One of the things on my project list {that is ENORMOUS} is to make a new camera strap cover. I made this one about a year ago, but the measurements from the tutorial didn't end up fitting, that and there was supposed to be a ruffle and I got annoyed and stopped trying, so I just sewed the ribbon on.. it's definitely nothing special and only took a few minutes to make.

Then after looking at more tutorials {and constantly having to adjust the cover because it would slip to one side or the other} I decided, I needed it to cover the leather as well and taper off to keep it in place. I also needed a pocket or two for my lens cap... because, I always forget whether it's in my bra or my pocket ... then I have to figure out WHICH pocket. I also needed it to be cuter that that heinous first attempt.

So this morning, the kids were at my moms and Jeffrey was asleep, and I couldn't go back to sleep {big shocker!}... So I figured I would just make one really quickly. And I did. Except, it was more like 5 hours instead of really quickly... because I kept making stupid mistakes and cutting the stupid thing where it shouldn't have been cut.

I'm chocking it up to lack of preparation. I combined these two tutorials :

ruffles, pockets, and fusible fleece

from different sites and was toggling between them... on try number 3 It worked out... it was tedious. Jeffrey got yelled at a few times for no reason... call it collateral damage? Woops. He puts up with a lot...

Hey look! You can see the camera strap and my baby bump... hadn't thought about that... I guess I should get some pictures of it eventually. 

It's actually a little big {the camera strap, not the bump}, but it's not too bad and the length fits and it's cute... which is all I care about... mostly. I got to the point where I didn't feel like dealing with the fusible fleece so I didn't.

I'll probably be glad in the summer when I'm sweating like the fat pregnant lady I will be.

I will try to get an order of steps together in the near future, in case you'd like to try yourself :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Canning Labels

Hello my friends!

      I just got done canning some Jam and BUTTER. I am kind of getting canning happy, with the summer coming {and a tax refund!}

You heard me! I found this link, with instructions. It was pretty dang easy... seriously... I want to do more, just because it was so stinking easy.
See how it turned out...

It actually looks like the chick's on the blog! That NEVER happens, to me. If I can do it... so can you! DO IT! {said like the guys in Wedding Crashers, of course}

I made labels for my Jam last year, and they turned out pretty dang cute {I think, anyway} . Sooo, I thought I'd make labels for the things I am already doing available, so y'all can use them too. You're quite welcome! Believe me, it is MY pleasure!

I usually print them on 8.5 x 11 packing labels {basically a full sheet of empty sticker paper} and take a 2" circle punch to punch them out and place them on the tops of my jars. It just makes them a little more organized, and a little cuter and it makes me happy when I look at them, so I thought... why not share the warm fuzzies!

This strawberry jam one doesn't have an expiration date place on it, because I usually have the date I made it, and about 2 batches lasts us a year... SO I don't have to worry about it expiring. But, there is space left so you can write in either the date made or the expiration date.

Canned meats last for YEARS. So just write the date you canned it underneath... to keep track. Canned meat looks sooo nasty! Seriously, it's like a science experiment... or something you have just disected. It took me years to try it... my mom made something and it was good and THEN, after I ate it, told me that it was from the canned chicken.

Look at it though....

it doesn't look appetizing. So I took a jar home and used it ONCE.... it made cooking dinner SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much faster and less labor intensive... I was hooked. I haven't ventured to beef or pork yet... if you think the chicken looks gross... yikes! We all have to start somewhere though, right? ................... RIGHT?!

Butter's shelf life is around 3 years. So just put 3 years after the month you made it. Do you know how much buttercream icing is sitting in that picture... I wonder how well it would turn out using that butter... hmm...

Happy Canning people! Go be self-reliant... if only our country would do the same... yes, I went there.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two by Two.... or All but one.

Okay, folks. I need some help. We will be moving yet again in a couple of months, and I just can not decide what to do about bedroom situations. So, I'm going to tell you the ideas I've had based on past experiences... and I'm asking for your opinions.

*** Please, leave them as comments on the blog so I can actually go back and find them. Facebook makes that much more difficult to track down. THANKS!***

Option #1: 5 year old Bailey, 2 year old Trevor, and 14 month old Callen In a bedroom together. In this case, Bailey and Trevor would be in bunk beds {which make me a little nervous} and Callen will most likely be in a crib or toddler bed.

My hang ups for this plan are:

1- Bailey is getting a little to old to be dressing around Trevor and Callen. Don't believe me... see this post on the birds and the bees.

2- Trevor is currently in the terrible, terrible twos. He is a bad influence on my sweet Callen, who has already started hitting back... and laughing. Yeah, the little crap heads... what do you do about that mess!

3- That's a lot of clothes and stuff to store in one room.

4- I REALLY want to be able to decorate a "girls" room, and a "boys" room... but this is the least of my worries... obviously. {This is assuming that this baby is a girl, like I'm pretty sure it is}.

Option #2: Bailey and Trevor together; Callen and Baby together. {like they are now}, and Callen and baby together}.

My hang ups for this plan: 

1- Callen is a TALKER, and he is LOUD. That poor baby won't get any sleep. {My babies don't last in a bassinet for more than a month, they get too big... and we both sleep better when they are in the crib anyway, the baby in my bedroom is NOT an option.}

See #1 one and #4 above.

Option #3: Bailey and baby together, Trevor and Callen together. She sleeps like a passed out drunk... which comes in handy... because she will pass out even while a baby is screaming bloody murder, and sleep through it all night.

My hang ups for this plan:

1- Part of me thinks this might work, except for those days {which are half of the total number of days} in which she has problems going to sleep, fits and noise ensues and it's not pretty.

2- She also thinks it's okay and fun to wake people up, and play with them, {even at bed time} Need I say more?

Okay, people. Your turn. Weigh in... What have your experiences been? What worked best for your family? Any suggestions or other options you'd like to add?

Just please remember to leave the comments on the blog, not on facebook so I can find them later! Thanks so much!

Monday, March 19, 2012

What Pregnancy Means to Me.....

It means eating 4 banana nut muffins and 2 glasses of milk at 9:45p.m. and being guiltless. {This equals about 1200 calories... yeah.}

It means passing out at 8:30p.m. on the couch while the house is a disaster, and not a soul can condemn you for it.

It means sucking it up, when you don't want to do something... because you know you have been and will soon go through worse.

It's the excitement of wondering what that baby is going to look like and what kind of personality it will bring to your family element.

It means coercing your kids and husband to go fetch you crap because you're too big and lazy to get up and get it yourself... even if you're closer.

It's those sweet butterflies in your stomach {or gas that you pretend are butterflies, oh please... you know you do it too} that give you anticipation and excitement, and remind you why you feel so awful and exhausted.

It's getting the crap beat out of you from the inside out.

It's being grateful and scared crapless that Heavenly Father trusts your inadequate self with his children.

It's trying to keep your mouth shut when people you don't know {and people you do} say nosey, rude, things about your family planning... when it's none of their freaking business. {The key word here is TRYING}.

It's wearing frumpy ugly mom clothes F-O-R-E-V-E-R until you can fit back into your skinny clothes.

It's trading your heels for flats.

It's learning to accept that your body will NEVER be the same, and trusting that your husband really does mean what he says when he tells you you're still beautiful {even when you think you're a hideous beast and don't recognize your own body}.

It's remembering your hormones are raging and you can't do anything about it, so that you don't beat someone for looking at you wrong... true story.

These are just off the top of my head...

What does pregnancy mean to you?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Birds & The Bees- Take 934,567,894

I was just putting a diaper on Trevor after his bath and Bailey {you know this is gonna be good} came in the room.

She asks, "Why do boys have penises?"

I respond "Because Heavenly Father gave them to them."

She rebuts, "Where do boys come from?"

I explain, "From Heavenly Father..."

*She starts to touch his penis*


"So I smack her hand away, and say... "Don't touch his penis! Does he touch your Giney?"

She says, "No."

Me, "Why doesn't he touch your Giney?"


{Are you ready for this?}


She replies, "Because it's not long and pointy like that."

Go ahead.... laugh it up.... I did.

NO, BAILEY. The correct answer is "We don't touch other people's private areas."

Saturday, March 17, 2012

9 months

Oh my goodness. Callen is a growing boy.
21 lbs. 6 oz.
30 inches long

He says "Ma ma", "da da", "wuh" "duh" "La" and probably a couple more that sound like jibberish.

He can point his finger... which he likes to do at you...

We walks if someone is holding his hands, or if he's cruising along furniture or pushing something... he just needs to realize he can stand by himself... and then it won't be long.

Boy is he getting smart! He is a mischievous little clown. He thinks he is hilarious, and is starting to pick up on the things Bailey and Trevor do "LIKE HITTING! yeah... and copy them. {That is not to my benefit}. That boy CAN NOT WAIT, to be able to run around and play with them. He stands at the door and watches them play... and then gets mad because he can't walk out there, and he doesn't quite want to crawl in the grass badly enough to get to them.

He knows what he wants. He has a stubborn streak... big shocker.

He is still a really easy baby, in that, he goes to sleep so easily, and eats pretty much anything I give him... which is limited because he has a sensitive tummy, but it's getting better. He still has to be on special formula, and we are very slowly introducing grains, but no gluten.

He has a cold and is teething, so he has been a crankmeister the past couple of weeks, and that has been tough, but he's still pretty good considering.

He LOVES thrills and doesn't even flinch if he gets flipped or tossed or thrown in the air... I think he'll be an adrenaline junkie... it worries me a little... I mean, he should at least flinch, right? We'll see.

We love him so much and I honestly can't remember our family without him. He is such a sweet, happy little stinker... though he does HATE having to lay down and be still to get his diaper changed, or clothes on, etc. BOY, does he get mad!

Sweet little pissed off face is so cute! We are suckers for it... sweet boy.

{I didn't edit these photos either, sorry about that... I'm just lazy.}

Bailey's 5th Birthday!

This little lady turned 5 years old, this week. 





I can't freaking believe it! She is so smart, and growing so fast. I'm so proud of the spunky, funny, cooky, crazy, stubborn, caring, sweet girl she is becoming. She has made so much progress, just in the past year. Her favorite color is PURPLE. She can count to 20, and can write her name pretty well, and color in the lines {when she's focusing}. She is such a good helper and loves her brothers so dang much! She is learning to choose the right, and to think about what she says in her prayers. We love that girl SO DANG MUCH. As much of a challenge as it's been, I can't imagine it any other way. I feel like we are war buddies. We've been through ups and downs and in betweens, and a special bond. 

All this girl has talked about for the past year is having a princess birthday party. So that's what she got. She LIVES for birthday parties {particularly the cake}. She was SO stinking excited when a couple of friends from school came to her party. She is so easy to please sometimes. Here are the pictures. 

Disclaimer: I suck at cake decorating, we've been through this. I'm actually kind of proud of this one, it turned out significantly better than I'd planned. It was finished about 12:35 a.m. .... this is a RIDICULOUS time for a pregnant lady. It was a labor of love, and I did it, specifically for her, and she loved it.... and that's all I cared about. LOVE, that sweet girl. Also, I was too lazy to edit these, for that I do apologize... 

Okay, for real... here you go. 

Arthur came to visit us too! {This is her classes friend Arthur and the student of the week brings him home}
Sammy was having fun with balloons! What a sweetheart! 

They decorated paper crowns.. it was fun times!

She was so thrilled to have this cake, it warmed my heart and made the UTTER TORTURE worth it completely. 

Isn't he ridiculously cute! This is my nephew, Aaron, hamming it up! 

She LOVES shoes. She LOVES these boots Uncle Chad and Aunt Katie got her! 

 She freaking LOOOOVVVEEESS her Uncle Chad. It's so sweet.

She was giving Katie a thank you hug for the Ariel barbie she got her... she was asking me for it allllll week. She loved all her gifts and couldn't wait {literally} to bust them out and play with it. 

Thank you all for making her birthday so special, it meant the world to her, and to us! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

So much to do, so much to say...

So much has been going on lately. For starters, moving... and the preparations therein, where are utterly frustrating. I'm a planner... always have been, always will be. When you're renting, it's not appreciated. You basically have to find a place RIGHT before you move, because most agencies won't hold a property more than 30 days past the application date, in fact, some are 15 days! There is so little on the market already, and it doesn't help when your budget is minuscule. I just keep telling myself that as long as we are firm about staying within our budget, Heavenly Father will provide a place that meets our needs. He did it this time, it's just in the wrong county, now that Bailey is starting school. Oh, and the stray cat colony next door, let's not even get started on that topic.

I also planned a baby shower and birthday party in the past two weeks, and then doctors visits, ultrasounds in which this stubborn baby wouldn't spread 'em wide.... I guess I should be grateful for that, in the long run.

The next few months are going to get worse.Easter, Moving, IEP meetings, Jeffrey's birthday, Callen's birthday, more frequent doctors visits, summertime in which I will be solely responsible for entertaining these kids, 2 nieces and a cousin born, Bailey starting school, this closed legged baby born, more doctors visits, then the holidays will be here.... man I should get started on that. I'm just overwhelmed right now.

I apologize for the lack of content on here... oh yeah, and my computer broke... again. Except, this time it literally was BUST-ED. Thank you apple for having tiny little labor fees {$39}, isn't that awesome... and small part costs.... It should only be $94 to fix it, though he did tell me that the only reason he could even have it repaired was because the computer itself still worked {I just couldn't open it}. Also, the glass screen didn't break, and that's over $200 by itself. So I've been hijacking Jeffrey's, but I've been so busy that I haven't used it much anyway. I'll tell you one thing.... I MISS MY MAC, TERRIBLY.    TERRIBLY.

This isn't counting the personal things that I've been dealing with... which are really what start to stress someone out and cause inner turmoil.

I have been taking pictures for future posts, so eventually I'll put them together, but I can't do anything until I have my mac back, which should be around Monday unless they call to tell me it's going to be longer. Fun times... FUN times. I hope you're all doing well, and keepin' it real... I'll be back...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crash Corner

On my to do list for the past 6 months has been a crash corner for Bailey and/ or Trevor. Basically, a huge pillowcase to stuff with every blanket possible. That way they can plop and kick and scream and whatever, when they get upset.

I put it off. I'm scared of zippers. My mom always talks about how hard they are and I think I have a mental block from it.

Anyway, I had been without my computer for a couple of days. It was getting fixed. So, I hand wrote all of my lists... yes, lists... there are a lot of them. I got sick of seeing the crash corner on there, when I have EVERYTHING to make it. So, while the boys were napping, I went to rummage through my fabric collection and came across this gem.

It's an XL Twin Duvet cover I got at Target a while back for like $6.00. I mean seriously... I bought it just for the fabric. It was too cheap not to.

Well, guess what happens when you slice that junk down the middle? It already has seams sewn and buttons to close it at the top.... ALL I had to do was turn it inside out, sew a straight line...

 ...turn it right side out, and stuff it with every blanket I could get my hands on.

BAM! 10 minute project, DONE.

Double bonus.... It frees up several baskets of blankets that now can be used for other things and also decreases the clutter. HOLLER.

Now if ONLY I could finish that BLASTED ottoman. One day, folks. One day.

I have a mental block against that too. Did you know, that upholstery tacks are actually a BIOTCH to hammer in? Hence, the mental block.

Go be productive people!