Thursday, August 16, 2012



Oh my goodness. I've been waiting and dreaming of this day for SO long... and I totally cried in the car. It's really hard to just drop your baby off and trust that it's going to go well! I felt like I needed to hand her a book on my kid and everything she does and doesn't do and need. In Pre-K she had an awesome teacher that put up with me getting a daily rundown. There isn't time for that when you drop them off or pick them up here. Too many kids are around. I guess that's what parent teacher conferences are for. Bailey was nervous and scared.  She is the most social person on the planet and is rarely intimidated. I gave her a pep talk and she started doing her sticker activity after she put her backpack in her cubby. She did fine and had a good day. They toured the school, read a couple of books, played on the playground, had snack, had a quick rest time... the usual.

She HAD to have this backpack she saw on Zulily. She was SOOOO excited when it came!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

IgG Test Results

I paid the small fortune for the boys to have this sensitivity panel done, it only covers 97 foods, but I figured that was probably adequate {and half the price}. I'm tired of guessing why they have upset stomachs. I got the results back today. The were bittersweet.

Let me explain. There are 4 classes 0,1,2,3.

1's are mild things you should moderate and watch.
2's are moderate things you shouldn't have all the time but are usually okay on occasion {depending on the reaction you have to them}.
3's are a severe sensitivity {not yet an allergy though} and you should just avoid them altogether for a while and see if you're body builds up a tolerance.

Callen's results shocked me.

He had a heaping handful of 1's, and only one 2- Oats, no threes!!
So his soy and casein allergy, he has outgrown. Granted some things that bother his tummy came back as 0's... so we will watch those. Also, at his age, his allergies will change in the next year most likely. But for now, YAHOO!!!

Trevor, God bless that boy... I cried over his. He just recently finally started eating peanut butter, and at therapy started eating bread... he also recently decided to start eating apples, grapes, and fish sticks. He's been doing awesome!

His results... once again, I cried.

He had a heaping handful of 1's {including apples and honey... two staples}
2's included: Cashew, Garlic, Cow's Milk, Tomato, Wheat, Brewer's yeast
3's included: Oats, Peanuts, Soybean, Baker's yeast

The good news is, Casein was negative and he can eat cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese.. the rest of the dairy is fine, just not the milk.

The bad news is the yeast, wheat, oats, soybean, and peanuts.... all staples in his diet.
Even the breading of chicken nuggets contain dry yeast and wheat... and pretty much everything has some form of soybean... soy lecithin or soybean oil.

LOADS of fun. I guess I'm just going to have to take extra time and make things homemade... so that they can have the things they like without the things that make them sick.

Bailey will have the test done eventually, I'm just too chicken to get more bad news, and it's a small fortune. We started reintroducing gluten and casein, but she has had some upset stomachs, and even thrown up lately... so I just don't know.

So YAY for new challenges, as if there aren't enough of those already.  YAY for more people thinking I'm crazy and that it's not a big deal for my kids to avoid the foods that make them sick.

But for real, YAY for blogs by people who have been through and are currently going through worse. At least these are sensitivities... even if they make us miserable at times... they aren't deathly allergic and for that, I'm most definitely grateful. There is something to be said for pioneers, regardless of what they are the pioneer of!

Monterey Chicken

Raise your hand if you've ever had the Monterey Chicken from Chili's?

{If you're hand is not raised, raise it now and slap yourself... you deserve it.}

It is DELISH. I don't do a lot of cooking these days, mostly because I lack creativity and don't get around to thinking about it until it's beyond time. So, last week I had some chicken breasts thawed out that needed to be used and I don't know why, but it hit me... HULLO..... why not make this... it's such an easy dish.

I'd love to provide you with a recipe, but I kind of just threw crap together... Here's the best I can do:

I cooked bacon until it was crispy crispy {the best way to eat it anyway...}

Sprinkled Paula Dean's House seasoning salt on the breasts.. the chickens, not mine. {my go to seasoning salt... i make it in bulk... it's somewhere on this blog...}

Brushed on some barbecue sauce... for this dish I like a sweet one... I think I used Kraft Hickory Sweet {or something, I'd go look in the fridge... but I'm lazy and carrying extra baggage, and it's just not going happen.}

Then I added some colby/monterey jack shredded cheese.

Tossed on some chopped tomatoes, chives, 

and topped with bacon, I prefer the bacon to been chopped up, but once again.. I was lazy and dinner was already late, so I left it in bigger pieces.

Put it in the oven at 350 or 375 for about 20 minutes or so, until the chicken is done.

Take it out and let it sit for a few minutes {this allows the juices to steep and keeps the chicken moist and tender inside... instead of dried and tough... and who wants dried, tough breasts?}

While that's cooking... make your rice.

I just experimented with this... it wasn't bad, but could have used more flavor-flave.

I used Instant brown rice, added some salsa, black beans, salt and pepper... and let it cook.

Plopped it on the plate, put a chicken breast on top of it and VOILA!

Yummy dinner that was pretty quick and easy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Not so much fun.

Well, I know this section of the blog is called Photo FUN... but there isn't much of that going on right now... my 50 mm lens broke... well was broken... by Callen. I thought it was out of his devious little grasp... but it seemed to make it to the floor okay. I'm ordering another one... so hopefully by the time this baby comes I'll have lots of new pics to post :) Thanks for being patient with all the wordy posts lacking pictures! I know they are boring... sorry about that.


I didn't think the drive thru of Chick-fil-a would be so bad on their "appreciation day". I left the house about 15-20 minutes early for the kids therapies. Trevor is currently working on chicken {in the NON chicken nugget form}. Since I was a slacker and didn't get the chance to cook a chicken breast, I figured, I would swing by Chick-fil-a and grab a 4 pc. grilled nugget... I needed grilled chicken, dang it! On THE MOST inconvenient day of the year... the drive through was a good 1-2 hour wait.

THAT did not happen. Which stunk... because none of us had eaten lunch and they were so excited to go, and we were going to be late for therapy, and he had no food to eat... which negates therapy. So McDonalds it was for a grilled chicken breast {1/2 of one actually, but it was only $1.30...}. 

So I promised the kids we'd go to Chick-fil-a the next day. This means, I'm going to be miserable essentially. 

The way it normally goes:

We walk in- they run through the restaurant straight to the play area {the whole reason they love the place}. Callen squirms because he wants to go to. I have to chase them down so I can keep track of them and they don't get abducted. Then we have to wait in line... and they are playing and laughing and screaming and yelling when they get mad. Bailey is talking to every and any stranger who will listen... Trevor is running through the restaurant because he thinks he's funny. We order, they complain because they didn't get chocolate milk {allergies}. We sit down... Trevor throws a mother lovin' fit {hatin' really, let's be honest} because he wanted nuggets {not grilled ones, fried ones}. Bailey fills up on fries and lemonade and eats little to no chicken. They take so long to eat that they don't get to play for but a few minutes because I'm about to lose my flippin' mind and the whole place is going to get to see.... so we hurry and leave while I chase them down again and/or drag them out. I lose my mind in the car... but at least the whole restaurant doesn't see it. 

The way it went today:

We walk in. They stand next to me taking it in. Bailey politely asks if they can go play, so I say yes {it wasn't too crowded}. Callen sits on my hip patiently while we wait. I order, go sit down. The food comes, I set it up, go  get them from the play area, they sit down and down some lemonaide. Bailey starts eating her nuggets {they aren't getting fries until they eat them} and so does Trev {and Callen}. I broke Trev's in half, put it on the fork, dipped it in honey and put it in his mouth... he didn't fight me. He just knew he would get to go play some more if he ate them. {This is an ENORMOUS victory, I can't begin to tell you...} Callen is sitting semi-quietly, except for an occasional sqwuak for more food, not trying to climb out of the high chair... as per usual. Bailey doesn't want to finish her nuggets, but does when I ask her. When she is finished she nicely asks to go play. Trevor finishes his last bite of nugget and eats a few fries and goes to play. I finish feeding Callen and then order for myself. Eat my food, go get them a little while later... they don't fight, scream or complain. They come and get their shoes on. Trev pulls his pants down and announces that he's pooping... awesome {time to potty train that boy!} so we go to the car, get in, change his diaper, buckle and head home. 

THAT... is pure mercy from above. That NEVER happens. It's because I'm 11 months pregnant... and still have a good 2 weeks left, despite my due date {Aug. 8}. Heavenly Father decided he'd give me a decent outing. 

So I came home and made some potty charts for Trev and Bailey {she forgets to wipe, flush and wash her hands... a lot... not always all three, but at least 1-2 each time}. I just couldn't find any that were exactly what I needed. There is something to be said for customization. 

Days like this I feel like I've conquered motherhood. {Though, days like this only happen once every month or so... if I'm lucky.}