Tuesday, January 29, 2013

19 months and 5 months

I am a HUGE slacker. I don't really mean that, actually. But poor Adeline just gets a handful of pictures every few months. I never even got around to getting her picture in her blessing dress, which was so pretty. In fact , I am going to put her in it and take a picture, soon, because you just need a picture of that. Nobody tell her when she is older, pretty please and thank you! I've also missed the past few months of Callen's pictures/ statistical updates, life has been a whirlwind.

Anyhow, I snapped these the other day. Callen is 19 months and Addie is  5 months.
{Ignore the crap all over the floor, please and thank you.}

{This is one of my favorite faces of his.}
Callen's weight percentile has dropped a little so they are a little concerned about that. His height is in around the 85-90th percentile. He LOVES this girl. And I LOOOOVE, this boy. Even though he can definitely be a stinker, he is SO smart, and sweet, and helpful. Case-and-point, I was up every hour or two with Addie the past two nights. This morning around 4am, Trevor woke up and started crying... because he Trevor and that's how he rolls. Then Bailey woke up and had thrown up {this happened two more times}. The second time she threw up she hollered across the house to let me know, and Callen woke up. He wasn't letting up on the whining, so I went in there to sing to him and put him back in bed. When I put him back in bed, he started whining before we even got to the crib, so I said "Hush. I'm not doing this. You are a big boy {I lied}, Mommy hasn't slept at all tonight, and I need to you go to sleep on Klausse for me {His huge stuffed giraffe, name courtesy of Aunt Erin}. That sweet boy said "hmm hmm" and when I put him in his crib... not another sound, he went back to sleep.  One of the OH, SO MANY, reasons I love this boy... and that he may or may not have favorite status.

I will neither confirm, nor deny said allegations.

 {I did not photoshop her eyes, they are just that pretty.}

Adeline is in the 20th percentile for weight {13.6 lbs} and the 85th for height {23.5 in.}. This little miss, is a very happy baby baby {except for the past few days, teething} and she just brightens my day and reduces the tension. She has QUITE the temper and knows what she wants. She prefers to be around people and not left alone. She is a rolly polly- back to front and front to back. We love her dearly. Callen is enamored with her. He loves her so much and always wants to hold and snuggle and hit her. He hits everyone, don't be alarmed. The other kids love her too, but they aren't as interested as he is, for some reason.

Anyhow, there you are. Now I'm less of a horrible mother, because I did post pictures. YAY!

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  1. She looks so much like Bailey! how cute are those kids!