Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chicken Nuggets, Anyone?

Okay, this is going to seem ridiculous to all of you out there... unless of course you have a child that has some sensory issues, then you feel me.

My son Trevor {3} is a VERY picky eater. Seriously, we finally got him to start eating meat that isn't chicken nuggets... but he eats it ALL with honey, and not without a fight most of the time.

I'm not kidding, it's gross. Hot dogs, ham {pink chicken}, chicken, pork {chicken}; all of it, eaten with honey.

Bleehhhhhh! I just gagged. Not really, but I wanted to.

Anyhow, Bailey is currently in with a child psychologist as part of her evaluation with Developmental Pediatrics. Because this is an odd time of day {dinner, bath and bedtime} and because today started off AWFULLY, and because I accomplished dang-near nothin', including dinner {nothing out of the ordinary, these days}, I took the kids to Chick-fil-a.

Typically the way this goes, is that we get the food, they guzzle their lemonade, inhale their fries, and it's an all out brawl to get them to eat their chicken nuggets {even with the honey}. Well, I had just gone in and grabbed honey, because they forgot to give it to me in the drive through, and I had no clue where I'd put it so I told Trevor to go ahead and start eating his chicken nuggets {grilled, because they are gluten free!} and I'd keep looking for the honey.

I expected to hear whaling and a mighty gnashing of teeth. But what I heard was this instead...

Did you hear THAT?


Except for a few minutes later, when in his happy high pitched voice he squealed "Mommy! I'm eating my chicken without the honey!"

I ABOUT CRIED. You may laugh. You may think I'm kidding... I'm dead freaking serious!

I get choked up thinking about it.

So once again, expecting him to take FOR-EV-ER, as per usual, to eat all FOUR of them... I looked back to check on him.... they were GONE. G-O-N-E, GONE!

I was FLIPPING OUT inside.

But, wait, THERE'S MORE.

Are you ready?

This ridiculously picky boy of mine, who NEVER eats anything sans honey, wanted MORE CHICKEN WITHOUT HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I sure as heck took our happy butts back through the drive-thru and got that boy some more chicken. And do you know what happened?


Pardon me, while I contain myself.... I'm flipping a dang lid over here!!!!

GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! See my happy dance? Isn't the internet great? You don't want to see my happy dance.... heck, I don't even have a happy dance.

So, even though today was fairly crappy.... That made my MONTH.... and it's been an awfully rough few months.

Man, I am seriously, STOKED about this.

So, I met Jeffrey here at the office to trade him, so he could take the other three kids home, and I could bring Bailey in. When he opened Adeline's door there was a container with two more nuggets.


Yup. That's 10 grilled chicken nuggets... all GONE, and all eaten WITHOUT honey.


At the same time, it validates our concern that maybe he's beyond the textures and just working us over like a ... nope not appropriate..... but working us over, none the less.

I'm SO SO SO SO proud of him. And, so so so so so so so happy for me.

Tender mercies, y'all. Tender mercies.


  1. New follower on GFC and G+ and I am loving your blog!!! ~ Paula www.callmepmc.com

  2. Following back from boogies n BooBoos. I'm so happy. I love this post. I know how difficult those little quirks can get. I hope he stays honey free. Lol. I agree, I think we would get along. Consider yourself my new blog buddy :)

  3. Paula, thanks for stopping in! I'm excited to read more of your posts!

    Jennifer- I need blog buddies! I'm blogtarded, for real!