Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lifesaver tips when kids are sick!

This blog comes to you much more tardy than I'd anticipated.  I was trying to reorganize it in my word processor so you actually could understand what the heck I’m saying.... and then I accidentally closed the application without saving it. Brilliant, I know. I’m smart like that. 

Late- it's how I roll. Though, I must say, I've gotten better over the years. It has only taken 4 kids, adjusting to sleep deprivation {I'm like freakin' Batman now!}, and setting every clock in the house at least 5-15 minutes fast, but none of them the same amount of time {that way I don't know which one is right and I haul tail out'a here!... fast and furious style}.

I diverge. 

First, let me apologize for my lack of posts as of late. You see, my kids have all been sick since about Halloween. You heard me. We've been like the walking dead up in here. The walking dead and Old Faithful... spews constantly. Sorry ‘bout that visual. You don't even want to know how much money I've spent on copays and OTC remedies.... I could have bought a new camera lens... to replace the one Trevor just broke... {that I had just replaced from Callen breaking}. So I’m sorry about my crappy pictures too.

There has been a week or two in between that we weren't sick. There has been a whole lotta' puking going on over here, among other things. I'm not sure what the deal is. It might just be that as some of them start getting well, another catches it, and then gives it back before we are well. It might be something else entirely. I have no clue, but I'm tired of it. So we had blood tests on everyone, stool samples collected {fun for me, NOT}, and GI consults coming up. 

A few tricks I've figured out, though to ease the midnight rush to clean up the nasties:

Here is a list of things that you should keep on hand. 
  •      A box of latex gloves {trust me on this one, just do it}- to save your hands from cracking and bleeding because you are a germophobe and have to wash them a billion times.
  • Clorox/Lysol wipes
  • XXL bed pads- I put these underneath them in bed, but over the sheet... also if they are laying on the couch or whatnot throughout the day... really is a lifesaver and eliminates washing linens every single time. Don't put the bed pads in the crib, they'll just play with it... and/or suffocate...BAM, problem solved... no more puking. JUST KIDDING!!
  • A bin or caddy to put everything in one easy-peasy location {I keep it in the bathroom closet. I got mine at the Dollar Tree.
  • Plastic shopping bags- to transport to the laundry room, and eliminate drips.
  • Trash bags- I put their pillows in the trash bag and then put the pillowcase on. When you wrap the pillow in the trash bag, put the bag strings in first.
  • Surgical masks- so you dont have to hold your breath. Put a drop of essential oil on it and there you go!    
  • Hair ties- for little girls, to minimize clean up and keep their hair back.
  • Peppermint oil {this is multi functional, make sure it's pure}. Put a few drops on a paper towel and by the kids' head {or if you have a diffuser}; it helps with the nasty smell, but also helps reduce nausea. You could also put a drop in their water and that would help as well. SO many uses for this stuff. You can also put a drop in a surgical mask and pretend you're an ER doctor...and use the word STAT. 
{If you are like me, and gag from the smell, your experience is usually something like this: Take a huge breath, run in and do as much as you can and then run out gasping and gagging because you accidentally breathed, take a few breaths of non-pukified air... then repeat until the job is done.}

       {note: it helps to make sure the kitchen sink is clear so it's easy to spray the puke into the disposal before you put it in your washing machine}

Set everything out ahead of time,  that you think you'll need in the middle of the night, the things above as well as these:

  • Fresh linens {tuck everything into the folded blanket and its easier to grab and go}
  • Disinfectant-whatever disinfecting product you like {lysol wipes, lemon essential oil, OnGuard essential oil blend}
  • A Full change of clothes, undies and all {our kids share rooms, so this helps keep the ruckus down}
  • A  sippy cup of water/gatorade/Pedialyte... pick your poison... whiskey, maybe {ew, just kidding} for them to keep by the bed.
  • A bowl for them to keep by their heads in case the urge hits and they can’t make it to the toilet {use the bed pads as back up underneath them in bed}.
  • Minimize the amount of stuffed animals in the bed/crib.  {Callen sleeps with 5 or 6 EASILY, not   kidding} so I limited him to one or two.

I set mine out on the couch so I could grab it on the way to the kids’ rooms or bathroom, wherever they were.

I’m sure there were other thing I figured out that I could share, but even though we are well again, for now, my brain is not well, and I can’t remember. So, I hope this helps in your time of need, but mostly I hope this crap bypasses your family. 

Take Luck! {Name that comedian}


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