Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Navigating to no mans land...

I get bored really easily. I've been reorganizing and rearranging my house, little by little, because you know... I get in the middle of something and then every one of my babies needs something for the rest of the day and then I'm left with a huge mess. Then when they are bed, I'm so exhausted I sit in a catatonic state on the couch and can't will myself to get up off my big mama booty and do anything.

Well, I decided to make some changes to the blog, and because I'm BRILLIANT... seriously, smartest person you know, I copied and pasted the codes and links for my tabs, and once again, because I'm just so dang smart, I got caught up in something else and forgot to paste and save. AWESOME, I know.

So the pages to the right of the screen, are literally a road to no where. Please bear with me while I make changes to the blog. Sorry for the inconvenience and stupidity, my brain isn't what it used to be.

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