Monday, January 14, 2013

Some of my favorite shots from 2012!

I've been trying to put some pictures up around my barren-walled home and as I was searching for pictures to print, I started reminiscing as I found some old, and not so old pictures. Here are a few of my favorites from the past year. 

My cousin and her beautiful family gave me the honor of taking their holiday portraits! 

Nanny & Adeline meet for the first time. 

My sweet niece Eleanor. 

One of Bailey's VPK friends, playing with a balloon, it was whimsical.

My sweet nephew, Aaron. Struck a pose, so unexpectedly. I didn't even have time to focus, but it came out great! Thank you Autofocus! 

I LOVE this shot of genuine sisterly love.

Undies and a beer hat, ha ha! 'nough said!

My sweet niece Mackenzie. 

I LOVE this boy. He has the sweetest, most enthusiastic spirit. Seriously... he warms my heart. We were singing "Popcorn Popping".

I love a good foot shot, especially when they are my baby's. 


  1. Marky's famous!! You're too sweet to include him, but I must say, one of your best shots of 2012 for sure! I think you should reconsider putting your son in a shirt that says ruff night! Cause that ain't no joke! ;) All are GREAT pictures.

  2. Cute! I was just on here yesterday thinking man she needs to post so I don't feel so disconnected! So thanks! lens? Great pictures

  3. LOL ... he definitely does make a rough night! I forgot to ask if it was okay to put him up here?

    Emily, I've been working on a few posts, things have just been gross and busy... and I've been tapped out. I'm working on it. Trev grabbed my camera right after I set it down and when it fell to the floor, because there was a hood on my 50mm lens, it busted the lens in half. YEAH.

  4. So great pictures babe. Really great job. Love you.