Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gluten Free- Dairy Free Pizza...

You heard me.

Chebe GF pizza dough, Daiya mozzarella fake cheese, pizza sauce, spinach, pineapple.


My poor kids were SO thrilled to have pizza. I'm about to be daring and taste a bite of fake pizza.....

Wait for it......

There you have it... It was good! I kid you not.... it tastes good! Who knew "fake" pizza could be so good!

Chebe, thank you for making a decent pizza crust!

I'm going to do cauliflower pizza next.... slightly more nutritious than tapioca, especially since the fake cheese is made mostly from tapioca.

I'm impressed... A- that I had the cahunas to try it, and B- that it tastes good.

So there you have it... use the products above, and you'll have decent, allergen friendly pizza. I'm not saying it tastes like regular pizza... but it's decent enough to eat... and probably good if you're used to eating that way.

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