Monday, September 30, 2013

Brownie Points for my hubby!

Did someone say BROWNIES? Speaking of, and this is totally off of the subject, my good friend Emily, at It Bakes Me Happy, made me some awesome Cherry-Almond Brownies a few months ago, when I was down visiting. Emily! Are you going to post that recipe? I'm still waiting!

Now that that is taken care of... The kids and I went camping with my mom and stepdad this weekend in Blairesville, GA, at Track Rock Campground. I was nervous and scared. With kids ages 6, 3.5, 2, and 1... this could have been an awful trip. It went surprisingly well, though. I will post details and pictures of that later. Today, I am posting solely on my AMAZING husband.

He works SO hard for us. He works full time as a Project Manager for a civil engineering firm. He also goes to school part time for his Engineering degree. The kids only get to see him on Saturdays and Sundays. It's really hard on everyone, but that has been our life for about 6 years now, is our life for the next few years. The end is nearing!


Instead of playing video games or catching up on all the season premieres from this past week, he spent his bachelor weekend doing chores and cleaning the house for me. It is seriously the best gift, EVER. I didn't leave him a list or ask him to do anything. He did it all on his own accord. I did, however, warn him of the condition of the house and apologize profusely, that he had to come home to SUCH. A. MESS. I expected he'd pick up a little, because he always does. I did not expect what I came home to.

The house was near shambles when I left. I spent all day trying to pack for the trip and the house was destroyed in the meantime. I mean, it's never TOO spic and span... with four small kids, maintaining the house is difficult, but it's usually not even close to THIS bad. I'm talking food all over the place, you could hardly see the floor {not exaggerating here} due to toys that were strewn and laundry {that no matter how many loads I do a day, is never caught up} and my miscellaneous piles of papers and To-Do's that get forgotten about every where. The house we are renting is small, 1500 square feet {for 6 people!} so there isn't too much room for all of it to fit on the floor, anyhow, but it was still in REALLY bad shape.

Last night, after about 12 hours in the car with cranky children, who 3 of which didn't nap all day, I CAME HOME TO A MOWED LAWN AND DANG NEAR SPOTLESS HOUSE! The dishes were cleaned, the counters cleared and cleaned, he even scrubbed the kitchen floors {on his hands and knees!}. The living room and dining room were cleared and cleaned, the laundry is completely caught up, he even went to the store to get bread and bananas for the kids lunches today. He put up an extra clothes rack in the girls rooms and cleaned the girls' and boys' rooms! This house looks AMAZING. I'm so grateful to have him as my husband and as my kids' daddy! He is so good to us! There are so many men out there that would not even think about helping inside the house. He never hesitates. He walks in the door after a long day around 9pm and immediately starts helping me.

Oh, and he got me take out from an Italian restaurant we like, so that I would have a decent lunch today! He totally could have eaten and not bothered to get me anything, but he actually went there specifically to get me something I could have for lunch today. Say, what?! Isn't he pure awesomeness?! I sure think so!

Thank you, honey. For being all that you are and for being so, so good to us. I love you so much! I wouldn't want to go through life with anyone else. "Here's lookin' at you kid!" {He won't know that movie reference, do you?}


  1. Cherry almond brownies :) I'm posting them next week

  2. AH! Cherry Almond! I knew there was a nut in it... my mind goes to walnuts by default! Can't wait!

  3. just blogwalking.. Nice post and have a nice day :)