Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So, I've been having a few better days lately. Partly due to an attitude adjustment that was much needed. The other parts are random insights I've discovered.

You see I am a very detail oriented person. Sometimes to a fault, in that, I lose sight of the main goal or point because I get caught up in the little things that truly don't matter.

What I'm slowly discovering, is that simplicity can be much more productive than extravagant planning.
Sometimes I find myself spending so much time planning for activities and chores and errands, that the window of opportunity closes... Time runs out and Im left with bored screaming kids, who've either watched tv all day or played the ipad all day... So i could plan. Planning that really accomplished nothing...because I get lost on Pinterest or Facebook.....and then forget what I originally needed to do.

Everyone ends up frustrated.

I've given it a rest. I've started just doing things. Even if the house sometimes gets messy or dinner isn't fixed {which is most of the time}... My kids are happier that they got to play with mom but eat cereal for dinner, than not getting any time with me and having a spotless house and cooked meal.
Now, I believe in balance.... It's something I struggle with. But, Im trying to stop overthinking everything so much... It's working.
When we need to get out of the house sometimes we go sit in the car and go for a drive... Have I mentioned yet how incredibly much I LOVE my new van. For real, I had no idea a vehicle could bring so much joy to a person. I look forward-ish to errands... Just so i can sit in my van. I L-O-V-E it.

Considering that I had a panic attack, sitting in the front seat, on the dealer lot...and that we almost didn't get it... Stupid, anxiety ....

Anyway. Simplify and just do it, not everything has to be over thunk... apparently.
The end.

They are sitting on my head... true story... but it entertained them, so hey, I took one for the team.