Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Amazed and In Awe

I know that I am on child #4 and that at this point, I should be surprised by little. This is most definitely not the case. In fact, it seems the opposite. You see, with your first child, you think everything is awesome and get surprised at simple, normal things. You simply don't know any better. With the second, you start to realize, that you underestimated the first, and they are capable of much more than we are aware. You are however, still excited and amazed over the small things. Number two seems to pick up a lot more things, a lot faster, because he/she is watching number one.

I think regardless of the number of children you have, you are always going to be amazed at the things they are capable of and can accomplish at such a young age.

My number three, is an old soul. He carries himself like a man as far as body language is concerned, and is so laid back and just steps up to the plate {when he wants to, of course} like it's no big deal. He's quiet{ish} and has a quiet, knowing, strength about him. His understanding of things spoken and unspoken, flat out blows-my-mind, on a regular basis.

My number four, is not much different. What you see is a dainty, tiny, fierce, happy when she wants to be, baby girl. She has coordination and body awareness, like I've never seen in a kid her age, and a fierce temper to match it. I'm not kidding... she was most definitely made for the last days. No one will make her do what she doesn't want, without an all out brawl. She understands though. She understands almost everything and recently I've found that by explaining things to her, particularly, my expectations, I can get my way MUCH easier.  This girl, FAKE CRIES, and has for a while now. It's comical to watch. I can't help but laugh. E for Effort, love. Who knew that you could reason with a 15 month old?! Number three, taught me that you could to an extent, but man, this girl is mind boggling.

For instance, we've been night time weaning. Some nights, she is up crying for 2 hours {off and on, but mostly on}. She really loves boobs. Always has. Never really took a bottle, and was late taking a sippy. She woke up a while ago, but I let her cry herself back to sleep. She just woke up again, so I figured I'd see what's going on. She's been getting congested at night the past week-ish. So, I took her into the kitchen, put saline in her nose, and some Doterra Breathe essential oil on her chest. We sat in the rocking chair for a few minutes and I put her in her crib. Annnnd she SCREAMED a heartbroken cry. She shares a room with her older sister, Bailey {#1} and while, Bailey sleeps like a rock, it's very apparent at school the next day that her quality of sleep, was lacking. So I told her, she is not going to scream because people are sleeping, and when she stopped I would pick her up. She stopped, I picked her up. We sat in the rocking chair, she assumed the nursing position, and very politely asked to nurse. I told her, there is nothing in there until morning, so if she needs a drink, she has to take the sippy. We went into the kitchen, got the sippy, and she had some almond milk to drink. We walked back into her room had a long hug/snuggle {she gives the BEST chimp hugs! I'm pretty sure I've said this about every one of my kids, I sure love them a HEAP!} and then I told her, "Listen, your sleepy. We've gotten medicine, had a drink, we've snuggled. Now, it's time to sleep. Everyone else is asleep. I'm going to put you in bed, and you need to lay down and sleep. NO SCREAMING, do you understand? Bailey is trying to sleep too, that wouldn't be nice. Okay?" I stuck my hand out, she gave me a high five. I put her down and tucker her in, she hasn't made a peep. I of course gave her some serious praise. I can tell when she is going to put up a fight, or scream because she grabs a hold of me like a baby Chimpanzee before I can get her down.

So, anyway, the point of my longer than necessary post, is that I am in awe of these sweet, smart, capable spirits Heavenly Father has sent to me. Even though some days are challenging beyond belief it's worth it to be their mom. I'm honored, and scared that he entrusted such special people into my care, Heaven knows, there are better people for the job. But I'll get there, eventually... and hopefully before any long term trauma is caused ;)

Have a good night, sorry it's been a while. I've had some computer issues... yes, again. That hard drive I replaced last year... yeah they sent me the wrong one. I had to re-replace it with the proper one... so there was ACTUALLY more space on the hard drive. Yay, for working computers!